Laser Hair Removal

Temporary hair removal is accomplished with conventional treatments such as shaving, waxing and epilation. Another method is the use of selective photolysis, which is light energy that is produced by the laser, and is targeted at the pigment in hair. This causes destruction of hair follicles while sparing surrounding structures (i.e., the skin).

Long lasting hair removal can be achieved with the use of several available lasers. Total temporary hair removal, which lasts for several months, can be done in almost all patients. However, total permanent laser hair removal is not commonly done. Stable permanent hair removal may be possible in some cases and usually requires multiple treatment sessions.

Learning About Acne

Acne, often thought to be only a teenager's skin problem, is actually a condition that can affect adults both male and female, although it generally begins during puberty. Taking a proactive approach to treating acne is very important. How you look after your skin every day, along with the treatment you and your doctor select are key steps in your fight to eliminate pimples, preventing scarring and eliminating your acne.

There are a number of acne medications that can be used to treat your acne including over-the-counter acne products like Panoxyl®, or prescription drugs including topical treatments, Accutane® and hormone therapies.